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The ZETA750 Series Puck is the most flexible and vandal resistant LED handrail lighting module on the market,offering unrivaled uniformity and photometric performance. Designed with the specifier in mind, it accommodates anwide range of options of beam distribution for a clean design.; The pucks can be installed in new handrail or retrofitted into existing handrail, flat or oval metallic structuresnand surfaces. Powerful yet small and unobtrusive, makes the Handrail Puck ideal for incorporation into streetnsculptures, illuminating artwork or to wash walls with clean, white LED light.; The ZETA750 is engineered of electroplated 316 stainless steel. Other custom materials are available includingnaluminum, brass, and super-duplex stainless steel (which offers exceptional corrosion resistance), as well asncustom painted finishes. Please consult factory for these custom options.; At standard handrail height the pucks provide 11 foot-candles at the surface below. They are offered with wide,nnarrow, and asymmetric beam patterns. ETL wet rated for outdoor applications. For round handrail, the LED pucksnare field installed with use of the ZETA750 series Drill Tool Kit. For flat surfaces, the installer may use their ownndrill bits and threading taps. Please refer to the installation instructions.

Manufactured By: Alphabet Lighting


Extremely durable 316 stainless steel marine grade housing, with 3.5" (90mm) 20AWG wire leads. Choice of Thin Wall (recommended for ease of installation), or Heavy Wall. Curved face or flat face options available in three different beam patters 60, 90 asymmetric, and 120.