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The LSI Surface Track (277V) is constructed of heavy duty .070 extruded aluminum and is available in nominal 4 foot, 8 foot, and 12 foot lengths, in Clear Anodized, Black, and White.  Surface track is field cuttable to any length with a single cut.; One and two circuit Lighting Track shall be rated at 277 volt, 60 Hz. 5540 watts maximum each circuit. Each 20 amp/277 volt circuit shall be comprised of flat copper busbars and have a separate neutral busbar for each circuit busbar. The neutral busbar shall be oversized to be comparable to #10 gauge 30 amp wire to reduce the possibility of overheating due to non-linear loads and harmonics.; Track shall have integral wiring channels for six (6) additional #12 THHN wires to create three (3) additional 20 amp/277 volt circuits, which can be dropped into any Joiner/Feeder, for a total track power capacity of 100 amps.; LSI Surface Track has the ability to be mounted directly to any horizontal/vertical surface or suspended from a surface by field cuttable stainless steel cables or steel stems.  Standard Track components include: End Feed, End Cap, Straight Mini-Joiner, Straight Joiner/Feeder, Flexible Joiner, and L, T, X Joiner/Feeders.

Manufactured By: Lighting Services Inc