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An ideal complement to suspended luminaires when plenum height is limited. Available in individual and continuous-row-mounted forms, sharing the options, wattages, color temperatures, finishes and endcaps of the existing Profile suspended family.; A linear LED suspended luminaire with an open architecture aesthetic creates unparalleled longitudinal clarity and transparency right through the fixture. Vertical optical structures with extraction elements deliver optical precision and control with complete absence of glare, balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value.; Choose among ten precisely controlled optical distribution options with no view of the LED point source for low glare and wide row spacing.; Up to 15ft o.c. spacing, delivering 40 fc at less than 0.4 W/ft.sq.; Adjust the light to suit the needs of the space and people in the environment.; Profile Mini is a continuation of the minimalist architectural aesthetic of the original Profile series with the same technical performance, energy efficiency and exceptional illumination.; Choose one. Choose both and realize your vision for all of your general area illumination needs—without sacrifice. Profile provides unparalleled architectural performance. By any measure.

Manufactured By: Fluxwerx