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The NU4RA VECTOR 4" recessed adjustable by ALPHABET offers Lens Vector beam shaping technology,premium performance, thoughtful construction and pleasing aesthetics. Allows for individual wireless controlnusing Casambi or optional hardwired 0-10V control. Offered standard with premium dimming using EldoLED 1%nflicker free drivers in 120V, 277V, and 347V. A minimalistic look is achieved with an ultrathin 1/16" trim that is onlyn5/16" wide. Color choices of both trim and bezel are offered for a customized look. An adjustable hot-aimingnsystem allows tilt adjustments from 0 to 40 with 360 rotation. The aiming adjustment and locking mechanismsnare accessible from below the ceiling while the reflector is installed. A complex tilting mechanism positions thentilting axis for the maximum optical performance at all angles.

Manufactured By: Alphabet Lighting


Electrocoated 16-gauge cold-rolled steel provides enhanced structural reinforcement and rust prevention. Superior, UL-certified, injection-molded commercial-grade Lexan (PC) is used for the frame and regressed bezel trim. Lexan provides unmatched durability and impact resistance, and is tested for UV resistance and water exposure in outdoor applications. The thermally-advanced, anodized heat sink uses 6063 aluminum alloy.A 90-minute constant-power IOTA emergency battery backup is available.


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