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The LumeLEX 2084 Series is a clean, elegant stem mounted fixture with a discreetly hidden driver, making it appear no different than a traditional halogen source.   Designed with Xicato XTM (19mm and 9mm), Dim to Warm and Lumenetix technology, the LumeLEX 2084 has discreetly hidden driver, making it appear no different than a traditional halogen source.  With independent ratings of 98 CRI, the LumeLEX 2084 Series, based on the latest in Remote Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology by Xicato, has the highest Color Rendering Index of any LED on the market today, producing the most consistent, highest quality white light and maintaining extremely tight color control (within 2 MacAdam ellipses, vs. the NEMA standard of 7).; Developed specifically for the most demanding applications of museum and retail accent lighting, the LumeLEX 2084 differentiates itself from the pack by offering a variety of lumen packages from 2000-5000, flexible beam control, and a full range of internal accessories for manipulating the distribution of light, much like you can do with any halogen source.; The LumeLEX 2084 Series can be used with our versatile CONTROLTrack system to be controlled with either 0-10V, DMX, or Lutron Ecosystem protocols and dimmable to 1%. The LSI CONTROLTrack option allows for unparalleled flexibility for controlling an entire track run or individual fixtures from a simple wall device, all the way through the most sophisticated control systems.; LED module and driver are field replaceable.

Manufactured By: Lighting Services Inc



Xicato XTM module:Up to 3680 Delivered Lumen Output; Dim to Warm module:Up to 2076Delivered Lumen Output; Lumenetix module:Up to 4250 Delivered Lumen Output


11-67 Watts