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The LumeLEX 2024 Series fixtures are LED luminaire spotlights which produce high quality, high output, consistent white light for the most demanding applications of museum and retail accent lighting. With its exceptional optical control, the LumeLEX 2024 Series is designed for Xicato XTM (19m and 9mm) and Dim to Warm technology.  The LED module within the LX2024 maintains extremely tight color consistency (within 2 Mac Adam Ellipses) and intensity throughout the long 50,000 hour life.; The LumeLEX 2024 Series uses less energy than traditional sources, and contains no mercury or lead and is RoHS compliant. It has long-term serviceability, whereas the LED module and driver can be replaced at the end of life to reduce waste and fixture replacement costs.; The LumeLEX 2024 Series features field changeable reflectors to modify the beam spread distribution: 10º - 60º. Available with a choice of color temperatures and lumen output. The LumeLEX 2024 Series can be specified with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of: 98 (high) or 83+ (standard). With the use of an external holder (LX2024-Holder), the LumeLEX 2024 can accept up to two size-AA accessories and LXM size Gels. With the use of the Gel Holder, the LumeLEX 2024 can accommodate color and spread gels, as well as Louver Hex and Light Blocking Screens.; The LumeLEX 2024 Series can be used with our versatile CONTROLTrack system to be controlled with either 0-10V or DMX protocols and dimmable to 1%. The LSI CONTROLTrack option allows for unparalleled flexibility for controlling an entire track run or individual fixtures from a simple wall device, all the way through the most sophisticated control systems.; LED module and driver are field replaceable.

Manufactured By: Lighting Services Inc



Up to 2322 Delivered Lumen Output


11- 23Watts