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Featuring third-generation Anidolic extraction optics with low brightness and superior efficacy, Spoke's vertically oriented optics result in an absence of glare. Balancing occupant comfort with high performance and value, Spoke's indirect/direct batwing distributions are separately dimmable and deliver efficacy up to 119 LPW with multiple CCTs and extraordinary lumen maintenance of L70 > 200,000h.; Powered by low voltage stainless steel conductive aircraft cables with no visible power cords, Spoke delivers minimalist architectural design with exceptional performance.; Adjust the light to suit the needs of the space and people in the environment.; At only 4.5 inches in height, Spoke requires just 18 inches drop from the ceiling plane.; Achieve 12' x 12' spacing with 50 footcandles at half a watt per square foot.

Manufactured By: Fluxwerx