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The AIRSquare Flush Mount 4.0 luminaire allows for ultimate flexibility for all lighting projects. Utilizing itsultra slim profile at 5mm, the AIRSquare is perfect for suspended ceiling, surface mounted, embedded,nand under cabinet lighting applications. The AIRSquare Flush Mount 4.0 can be embedded in a ceilingnor wall, or surface mounted anywhere light is needed. Capable of over 1,300 lumens (infinitely dimmable)n@ 134 lumens per watt efficacy. A truly sustainable light source comprised of ceramic and aluminum, thenAIRSquare uses 50x fewer raw materials than conventional light sources (measured by weight of fixtures inna typical installation).

Manufactured By: Bruck Lighting


Magnetically attaches directly to TRIMLESS or FLUSH MOUNT accessories using powerful magnets (refer to mounting accessory section) Capable of being fastened to a variety of mounting surfaces using silicone adhesive, or VHB tape


4 x 4 housing delivers 1316 lumens 7.6oz (46g/m) The ceramic light emitting surface acts as the heatsink and circuit board for the chip scale package LED The light weight aluminum housing reflects the LED light back out through the ceramic